ENGAGING WORSHIP: You’ll hear loud worship songs, quiet reflective songs, participate in worship activities, pray, and other elements, each done from hearts seeking to glorify God. We work hard to provide an excellent worship service and hope that you enjoy it and are moved by it, but our focus is on honoring God through it more than anything else. Worship is for the Lord; not for man.

SOLID BIBLE TEACHING: You may hear topical messages that help with getting through hard times in life, having a healthier marriage, or overcoming struggles, but most likely you’ll find expository (direct from the bible) messages teaching about Jesus and how to be more like him and a faithful disciple of his. Learning practical things about living better can be helpful, but being a disciple of Christ - who knows his word and lives for him - will be equipped to handle most anything that comes along in life.

REAL LIFE KIDS: Your kids have a place at Real Life too! Our team of Children's Leaders love Jesus and love sharing him with your little ones. Through interactive media, arts & crafts, music, and tons of other creative avenues; your kids (birth-5th grade) come to know who Jesus is and that he loves them as much as he does everyone! Real Life Kids Church happens during our main service, but your kids are welcome to be in the service with you.

REAL PEOPLE:  The people of Real Life are just like you. We love our families, have jobs, and life is hard sometimes, but God is in control, loves us like crazy and we're excited about that. If you dont have everything altogether or figured out, you're in good company. We love hanging out, serving Jesus, and we especially love people because Jesus loves people. We're on the same journey as everyone else, we've just found out why we're here and who we're here for. We'd love to help you on your journey. Our atmosphere is totally relaxed and dress is very casual, but you can wear a suit if you want; whatever you're most comfortable in.



call or text: 505-278-0475


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Sundays - 10am



4100 Southern Blvd. Suite 1A 

Rio Rancho, NM 87124 


PO Box 15988

Rio Rancho, NM 87174


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